Realities of Medical Tourism

Medical Tourism is amongst the most rapidly expanding businesses globally. With an escalating cost of healthcare in developed nations combined with an increasing number of uninsured individuals, the option to travel abroad for healthcare that is significantly less expensive is an alluring concept. However, there has been some deliberation that medical tourism agencies quote exaggerated figures when providing data on the total amount of money saved.

Patients who are not covered by insurance policies have to pay out of their own pockets for medical care.  To avoid substantial financial burden, many tend to seek more affordable alternatives. Numerous insurance agencies have also adopted policies on sending patients abroad for various procedures. The question that arises in these situations is how financially favorable is medical tourism? Critics of the industry tend to question the massive savings, claiming costs for airfare, hotels, and food, negate any savings on procedures.

In reality, most patients still end up paying considerably more for medical treatment in the United States than they would for the procedure combined with the cost of travel somewhere like Costa Rica or India. For example, a hip surgery in America averages $40-60,000; the same surgery in Costa Rica or India will cost 75% less. Even when all the additional expenses are added, the savings are still as much as 70%.   To top it all off, the patient also gets to enjoy a vacation to a beautiful destination while saving money.  It’s no wonder many believe this to be too good to be true, but the fact is that medical tourism is a very realistic option.

Reliable medical tourism agencies help patients acquire safe, affordable and standardized healthcare at greatly discounted prices. For more information about affordable treatment alternatives abroad, please contact Passport Medical, America’s leading medical tourism facilitators.

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