Joint Commission International Quality Approval - a guarantee of quality healthcare

As costs of healthcare continue to rise, more and more Americans are being drawn to the significantly lower prices of healthcare abroad.  However, many worry that healthcare received in other countries will be of lower quality than what they would receive at home, and not up to North American standards.

This is where an accreditation system such as the JCI can give potential medical tourists some peace of mind. The Joint Commission International (JCI) is a subdivision of America’s Joint Commission, an accreditation system which sets the highest standards in healthcare. In collaboration with the World Health Organization (WHO), the JCI works to ensure that a standardized system of healthcare provision exists worldwide.

JCI accreditation is a voluntary route taken up by many hospitals who want to guarantee delivery of international standards of healthcare. Over 90% of the hospitals in America are accredited by the JCI and hospitals all over the world are now working diligently to attain JCI accreditation as well. Recognition with the JCI shows the devotion of a hospital in providing international standard of healthcare services to its patients, and provides assurance that the healthcare offered at these hospitals will be of the highest quality.

To prevent medical travelers from receiving substandard medical services, agencies like Passport Medical help guide patients to the many JCI accredited hospitals in countries worldwide. For more information about treatments at JCI accredited hospitals contact Passport Medical, America’s leading medical tourism facilitator.

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