Costa Rica becoming a destination for medical tourism

Costa Rica is renowned for its natural beauty, eco-friendly environment and the exhilarating preservation of natural land. Home to the world’s greatest coffee, exciting volcanoes and hospitable locals, Costa Rica has also gained immense popularity in having one of the world’s finest health care systems.

Above 80% of the medical professionals working in Costa Rica are American or European trained, committed to providing international standard of health care to all their patients. Not only the doctors and medical staff themselves, but also the Government of Costa Rica is actively involved in promoting the health care system of the country and highlighting Costa Rica’s name as one of the finest medical tourism destinations.

Hospitals at Costa Rica are committed to providing top most quality care provided according to international recommendations. For this purpose, many nonprofit bodies promoted by the government are operating to keep a check and balance on the functioning of these hospitals. Of these agencies, The International Society for Quality in Health Care (ISQUA), American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities (AAAASF) and the Joint commission International (JCI) are working diligently to provide international standard guidelines to be followed by these hospitals.

A majority of the patients traveling to Costa Rica for affordable, quality, up to date health care services belong to either America or Canada. At hospitals like Clinical Biblica, patients receiving orthopedic surgeries could save up to $80,000, saving a large sum of money without compromising on the quality of medical services provided. For more information about affordable, top quality Dental, Aesthetic and General Surgery information, please contact Passport Medical, North America’s number one medical tourism facilitators.

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