Savings on Medical Tourism: Realistic or Exaggerated?

Realities of Medical Tourism

Medical Tourism is amongst the most rapidly expanding businesses globally. With an escalating cost of healthcare in developed nations combined with an increasing number of uninsured individuals, the option to travel abroad for healthcare that is significantly less expensive is an alluring concept. However, there has been some deliberation that medical tourism agencies quote exaggerated figures […]


Costa Rica Striving to Become a Leading Destination for Medical Tourism

Costa Rica becoming a destination for medical tourism

Costa Rica is renowned for its natural beauty, eco-friendly environment and the exhilarating preservation of natural land. Home to the world’s greatest coffee, exciting volcanoes and hospitable locals, Costa Rica has also gained immense popularity in having one of the world’s finest health care systems. Above 80% of the medical professionals working in Costa Rica […]


JCI Accreditation: A Guarantee of High-Quality Healthcare

Joint Commission International Quality Approval

As costs of healthcare continue to rise, more and more Americans are being drawn to the significantly lower prices of healthcare abroad.  However, many worry that healthcare received in other countries will be of lower quality than what they would receive at home, and not up to North American standards. This is where an accreditation […]


Cheap, Safe Medical Treatment in Costa Rica a Major Draw for North Americans

Costa Rican doctors

Costa Rica attracts thousands of travelers from North America every year for the purpose of medical treatment. Already distinguished for its natural beauty and gorgeous milieu, it also has an outstanding healthcare system that is ranked above the U.S by the World Health Organization. With several JCI accredited hospitals and the world’s finest medical staff […]


Those Without Insurance Turning to Mexico for Safe Affordable Healthcare

As many as twenty-five million Americans are underinsured, and sixty-five million have no insurance at all. For those without adequate coverage, the necessity for medical care is an enormous financial burden on top of a situation that is already stressful emotionally. As an affordable alternative, many Americans are traveling to other countries for medical care. […]