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Medical Tourism by Passport Medical

With healthcare costs spiraling out of control in North America, people like you are waking up to the fact that low cost, high quality alternatives for medical and dental care treatments do exist outside North America. But booking your own overseas experience can be a difficult task. How do you know which international medical providers and dental clinics are reputable? How do you know which locations are the best destinations? As an award winning medical travel company, Passport Medical solves these problems with the leading reputation in the industry. Language barriers, repeated unanswered emails (often due to language barrier), and a general lack of available information on foreign websites all can lead your information search to a grinding halt. With over 2000 patients served since 2009, Passport Medical has created an extensive network of world-class medical providers and dental treatment clinics, and this information is at your disposal.

A good safe medical tourism facilitator like Passport Medical should be able to solve these problems, and there should be no additional cost to doing it yourself, and certainly be less stressful. In fact it will often be less expensive than booking the procedure yourself due to our close relationships with providers.

A good medical tourism company like Passport Medical will have very strong relationships and communication with the doctors and hospitals in its network and, most importantly, know who to contact to get the timely information and pricing that you want, or have it already. Whether you're looking for a Knee Replacement, Hip Replacement or common dental work like a dental implant, Passport Medical can assist you. With many of our procedures you will save up to 80% off the price you would be paying in your home country.

We have recently launched two procedure specific websites to help educate our patients with the most up to date information there is. For joint replacement we have launched Hip and Knee Replacement Center and for dental procedures we have Dental Vacation Center both are owned and operated by us here at Passport Medical.

Passport Medical Blog

What is a Mommy makeover?

mommy makeover

A mommy makeover by simple definition refers to a spectrum of surgical procedures that are performed on women to improve changes they experience on their bodies as a result of pregnancy. For almost all women, pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding is always accompanied by certain changes on the breasts and abdomen and that is why a […]

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What is the future of medical tourism?


The health and hospitality industries have found a common ground that draws them to work together to advance the medical tourism industry whose future is far from bleak. The concept of medical tourism was developed several years back but its popularity is more of a recent milestone. The amount of investment that has gone into […]

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Medical tourism in Cancun attracting more U.S. and Canadian medical tourists than ever before

Galenia Hospital | Cancun Hospital | Medical Tourism in Mexico

In as much as the quality of healthcare in Cancun matches or even exceeds that experienced in the US and Canada, the most significant factor that has lead to more North American medical tourists visiting Cancun is cost. In Cancun, affordability does not give way at the expense of quality. On the contrary medical tourists receive top quality services at cost-friendly rates. While this is happening, the economy of health back home is daunting for a good number of US and Canadian citizens reason being the escalating cost of healthcare. It becomes difficult to undergo certain types of medical treatment without costing the patient a fortune.

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Should you use a Medical Tourism Facilitator?


Medical tourism is undeniably growing in popularity across the globe. As patients who have benefited from medical tourism will attest to, their medical travel in most cases was a very positive experience. The ’work’ part of medical tourism lies in finding the right healthcare facility that will provide quality treatment tailored to your needs as a patient and also in establishing the most appropriate destination to access this treatment.

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Getting to know medical tourism in Cancun as a Medical Tourism Destination


Medical tourism presents an attractive alternative to receiving world class healthcare outside one’s country. The two most important highlights of medical tourism are affordability and medical vacation. Health facilities in various medical tourism destinations offer low-cost treatment without lowering the standard of quality experienced in medically established countries such as the United States, Canada and Europe.

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Growing number of Canadian baby boomers are traveling for joint replacement surgery

joint replacement surgery

Traveling overseas or across the border to paces like Cancun or Costa Rica for joint replacement surgery is something that more and more Canadians are embracing. There are many reasons why this trend is thriving. First of all, there is the fact that boomers are not ready to accept a restricted lifestyle thanks to painful, squeaky and weak joints. Most of them want replacements early and fast. Consequently, there is an increase in the number of waiting lists for people scheduled for surgery.

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How ObamaCare (Health Care Reform) will affect Medical Tourism


What is ObamaCare? How can it affect Medical Tourism? Before we dig into details, let us first define both the terms. What is ObamaCare? Another term for ObamaCare is Health Care reform, which is a national health care plan designed for reforming the U.S. health care system. The primary focus of ObamaCare is to provide […]

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Important information on breast augmentation surgery and recovery


Proper recovery is of paramount importance to successful breast augmentation surgery. Best results and recovery come from closely following doctor’s instructions and trying to minimize strenuous activities. Adequate rest and limiting most forms of movement involving lifting, bending, or other strains to the affected area are the standard recommendations. Most doctors advise their patients to […]

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Passport Medical Answers Demand for Safe, Affordable Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic Surgery | Affordable Cosmetic Surgery | Medical Tourism

Passport Medical is one the best medical facilitators in the country, providing all the answers when it comes to cosmetic tourism. They provide detailed information about destinations offering affordable, efficient, and state-of-the art plastic surgeries. These healthcare facilities not only offer up-to-date, quality services at par with international standards, but also at extremely affordable prices [...]

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Passport Medical Featured in Latest Issue of Medical Tourism Magazine


Passport Medical was recently featured in an issue of Medical Tourism Magazine. As a fairly new but rapidly growing industry, there are many questions the public has about medical tourism. The article is a discussion on the role of a medical tourism company in planning a medical vacation, as well as a look [...]

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Costa Rica Striving to Become a Leading Destination for Medical Tourism

Medical Tourism in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is renowned for its natural beauty, eco-friendly environment and the exhilarating preservation of natural land. Home to the world’s greatest coffee, exciting volcanoes and hospitable locals, Costa Rica has also gained immense popularity in having one of the world’s finest health care systems. Above 80% of the medical professionals working in Costa Rica […]

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Savings on Medical Tourism: Realistic or Exaggerated?

Realities of Medical Tourism

Medical Tourism is amongst the most rapidly expanding businesses globally. With an escalating cost of healthcare in developed nations combined with an increasing number of uninsured individuals, the option to travel abroad for healthcare that is significantly less expensive is an alluring concept. However, there has been some deliberation that medical tourism agencies quote exaggerated […]

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About Passport Medical

Passport Medical is considered one of the leading medical tourism companies in North America. As the winner of the ‘Leadership Excellence in Medical Facilitation’ award as the top medical tourism company internationally, you know you will be in good hands. We have successfully managed over 2000 patients since 2009 for a variety of medical and dental procedures.

We are a member of The Medical Tourism Association, an organization whose aim is to promote transparency in quality, pricing, and patient safety in regards to the providing of international affordable healthcare services through medical tourism. We are a full-service medical tourism facilitatorserving the United States, Canada, and beyond. Passport Medical has aligned itself with top-rated health facilities throughout the world to make timely, world-class healthcare more accessible [...]

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Our Mission

To be North America's leading medical tourism company providing timely, world-class healthcare options at affordable prices. We aim to expand access to uninsured and under-insured Americans through more competitive cost structures in non-domestic markets, provide more timely options for Canadians enduring long wait times, and offer often unavailable medical options. Passport Medical strives to create a seamless medical tourism experience from intake to return home, creating a supportive team environment with its providers and acting as an advocate for patients.